Commitment of the Valve Quality & Credibility

To build integrity management, fair and competitive market environment, strengthen the construction of quality and integrity system, ensure the valve product quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the building of the "Quality Wenzhou" and "Credit Wenzhou", we hereby solemnly committed the following points: 
I. We firmly establish the "Quality First" thinking, constantly enhancing the quality awareness and social responsibility awareness, ensuring and improving product quality, implementing the enterprise’s responsibility for quality, meet the masses' expectations and demands for high quality valve products, and enhancing the consumer confidence of the masses.
II. We strictly compliance with the "Product Quality Law," "Standardization Law", "Measuring Law" and other laws and regulations, strictly enforcing of product standards, not producing and selling the counterfeit goods, eradicating false propaganda, resolutely resisting the dishonesty offense like producing and selling fake and low - quality products, defrauding the consumers, etc, and not encroaching the legitimate interests of other companies.
III. We strengthen the total, entire process and comprehensive quality management, implementing the advanced quality management methods, improving the measurement assurance system, standardization and quality assurance system, strictly controlling the quality of raw materials, entire process of production, storage and transportation.
IV. We establish the quality safety incidents reporting system, and strictly implement the quality safety responsibility system, improving the product quality traceability system, timely resolving the quality complaints, conscientiously performing the quality responsibilities and obligations like product recalls, "Three Guarantees" etc.
We will strictly fulfill the above commitments. If any violation, we are willing to undertake corresponding legal responsibility, and publicly record the dishonesty offenses to the bad credit record.
Company Name: Zhejiang Xinhai Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Unified Social Credit Code: 70435921-4
Legal Representative: Jin Yunhe           
May 1st, 2016
Sep 23,2016
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