Features of Power Station Welding Gate Valve

Power station welding gate valve is used for pipes of high temperature high pressure water, oil or over-heating steam in thermal power plant, petrochemical industry and metallurgy. The valve has the advantages of wearing resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. Power station welding gate valve has the following features.
1. The shell is cast by using precise technology, having smooth appearance, uniform microstructure and meeting the requirement of low medium and high pressure. 
2. Matched with particular materials, ensure high hardness and hardness difference on sealing face. The sealing face is grinded precisely, having bright surface, good corrosion resistance and service life.   
3. Back sealing is adapted, protecting sealing fillers efficiently in case of leakage. 
4. Double disc. The sealing faces coincide with each other for 100%, particularly convenient for online overhaul. 
5. The valve has been tested under high water pressure, high gas pressure and non-destruction. The quality of castings is maintained roundly. 
6. The surface of stem is grinded precisely, having abrasion resistance. It can reduce torque effectively, convenient for operation. 
7. Special corrosion packing is adapted, having temperature and pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication. It can reduce torque, in case of corrosion on surface of stem and leakage. 
8. Double pressure bearing design meets strict requirements under various particular conditions. 
9. The valve can be equipped with various intelligent electronic devices, realizing long distance automatic control and detection. 
Features of Power Station Welding Gate Valve
Sep 23,2016
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