Regulating Valve Installation and Application

As one of terminal control components for automatic control system, regulating is a key component for automatic control system.
Generally, regualting valve is positively used (installed), for it having simple flow path and small resistance . However,  unger high pressure,  reverse installation is more suitable for regulating valve, which can improve unbalanced force and reduce damage to valve bore. Otherwise, it can avoid coking and occlusion of regulating valve. When angle regulating valve is reserve installed, it should avoid the valve is opened at a small opening for a long time in case of strong vibration which may damage to valve bore. Escpecially in pre-production trial of chemical plant installations, because of low load and process conditions far from requirement, it must avoid angle regulating valve opened at a small opening to avoid the damage to valve core, when valve is reserve installed.
Sep 23,2016
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