Structural Features of Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves

Structural features of stainless steel butterfly valves
The spring of stainless steel butterfly valves is assembled together with adjusting bolts on plate. The structure compensates effectively tolerance zone between shaft sleeve and body and elastic deformation of stem under the pressure of media, realizing sealing of valves when transmitting two-way interchangeable media. 
Stainless steel butterfly valves adopt sealing ring consisting of multi-lever stainless steel plates, having metal-to-metal sealing and soft sealing. The valves can realize zero-leakage under high or low temperature. When it is flow state (flow direction of media is the same as rotation direction of disc), the pressure on sealing face are produced by torque of actuator and pressure of media on disc. When pressure of positive media increases, the tighter of extrusion between surface of oblique cone of disc and sealing face of seat is, the better sealing is. 
When it is current state, the sealing between disc and seat is realized by torque of actuator, pushing disc to seat. With the pressure of reverse media improving, the pressure between disc and seat is lower than pressure of media. The deformation stored by spring on regulating ring after being loaded can compensate tight pressure between disc and seat, used as automatic compensation. 
The sealing ring can be installed directly on body. Adding regulating ring between disc and seat is an idea way for realizing two-way sealing. Stainless steel butterfly valves can take place of gate valves, globe valves and ball valves. In general, the valves are installed horizontally on pipes. 
The disc of butterfly valves is installed on the diameter direction of pipes. Inside cylindrical passage of body, circular disc rotates along with axes. Rotation angle ranges from 0° to 90°. When disc rotates to 90°, the valves are full on.
Advantages of stainless steel ball valves:
1. Quick on-off, labor saving, low fluid resistance;
2. Simple structure, low volume and light weight;
3. The valves can transmit mud with less fluid stored at aperture;
4. Stainless steel can realize good sealing under low pressure;
5. The valves have good regulating performance. 
Structural Features of Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves
Sep 23,2016
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