Tips for Installing Stainless Steel Ball Valves

In general, stainless steel ball valves are suitable for media, such as water, solvents, acids and gas. High quality stainless steel ball valves are also appropriate for media having wicked working conditions, like some corrosive media. And stainless steel ball valves are widely applied in various industries. The followings are the tips which need to be noticed when installing stainless steel ball valves, especially under some particular environments:
1. Before being connected with pipe, remained impurities in pipes should be washed and cleaned up. Those impurities may damage seat and ball of stainless ball valves.
2. Check the mark on stainless steel ball valves. Find out whether the valves are damaged or not. Open and close the valves fully several times to verify that the valves can work normally. Take off the protective caps on two ends of flange. Wash and clean up the valves when valves is fully on.
3. Before installation, carry out test for stainless steel ball valves according to specified signals (electric or pneumatic) in case of vibration caused by transportation impacting performances of valves. After qualification, the valves can be installed (wiring should follow circuit diagram of electric actuator). 
4. This kind of ball valves should be installed in horizontal or vertical direction of pipes.  
5. Pipes near installation point should not have droop or the phenomenon enduring external force. Using piping racks or other upholders can eliminate deviation of pipes. Any ends of valves can be installed in upstream end. The valves actuated by handle can installed at any position of pipes. Ball valves with gear or pneumatic actuator should be installed vertically, installed in horizontal pipe. Driving device is located in upward side of pipes.
6. After being connected with pipes, use specified torque to tighten bolts on flange symmetrically, gradually and equally. 
7. During installation, the actuator of stainless steel ball valves is not allowed to use for lifting in case of being damaged. 
Tips for Installing Stainless Steel Ball Valves
Sep 23,2016
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