Types of Valves in Water Supply System

The valve, commonly utilized in water supply system, includes gate valve (screw thread, flange), globe valve (screw thread), check valve (screw thread, flange), butterfly valve, etc.
Gate valve: Actuation of gate valve can be classified into clear bar, dark bar, manual, electric and motor. Gate valve has small fluid resistance, small force. It allows fluid to flow in any directions. But gate valve has complicated structure. Sealing face of gate valve is easily polished by impurities or particles in water. When gate valve is usually opened, the disc may fall off, result system losing control.
Globe valve: Compared with gate valve, gate valve has simple structure, good sealing, and convenient maintenance. However, the force is larger than gate valve. Direction of arrow marketd on body should be focused to avoid on backward, when installing.
Butterfly valve: Butterfly valve can be opened or closed completely. Butterfly valve has small volume, light weight though it has large force. Butterfly valve has a lot of types. The actuators are classified into manual, gear operated, electric, pneumatic, etc.
Check valve: Check valve is also called as cut-off valve, allowing medium to flow in one direction. It is mainly used to avoid back flow. Commonly utilized check valve is lift check valve and swing check valve. Lift vertical disc check valve is installed on vertical pipe lines. Lift horizontal check valve and swing check vale are utilized for horizontal pipe lines. Direction of arrow marked on body must be focused when install.
Sep 23,2016
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