Characteristics and Advantages of Three-way Ball Valve

Three-way ball valve utilizes ball as its closure member. The ball rotates with center line of body to open or close valve.

Characteristics of three-way ball valve

1. Open or close without friction
The structure does not have the disadvantages that sealing faces of conventional valve rub with each other, effecting sealing.
2. Jacket structure
The valve having been installed at pipes can be checked and maintained on-line directly, reducing plant stop and cost effectively. The valve is installed horizontally.
3. Single seat
Single seat can eliminate influence of medium on safety cause of abnormal pressure rising.
4. Low torque
Stem with special structure can open or close valve easily, equipped with a small handle.
5. Wedge sealing structure
Valve utilizes mechanical force provided by stem, pressing ball to seat to realize sealing so that sealing of valve cannot be affected by the variation of differential pressure in pipes. Sealing can be guaranteed under different working conditions.
6. Self-cleaning
When ball leaves seat, fluid in pipes passes through valve equally along the sealing face of ball with angle of 360°. Structure eliminates erosion to seat caused by high speed fluid and wash away accumulate things on sealing face to realize self-cleaning.

Advantages of three-way ball valve:

1. Low fluid resistance
Resistance coefficient is equivalent to the pipes having the same length.
2. Simple structure, low volume, light weight.
3. Reliable sealing.
The sealing face is made of various materials. The valve has good sealing, being widely utilized in vacuum system.
4. Convenient operation
Open or close rapidly. Only turning 90°can open or close valve completely, convenient for remote control
5. Convenient maintenance
Ball valve has simple structure. Sealing ring is flexible. Disassembly and replacement are convenient.
6. When the valve is opened or closed completely, ball and sealing face of seat are separated from medium.
The sealing face is not eroded by medium when passing through.
7. Wide application range.
Diameter ranges from millimeter to meters. The valve can be used under high vacuum or high pressure.
Sep 23,2016
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