Features of Extension Rod Butterfly Valve

Extension rod butterfly valve is widely applied in chemical engineering, petrifaction, petroleum, paper making, mining, power, liquefied gas, food, pharmacy, drainage, municipal administration, electric industry, urban construction, etc.
Several factors should be considered when choose extension rod butterfly valve
First of all, when media flow through extension rod butterfly valve, the pressure loss is quite large, three times of gate valves. So when choose extension butterfly valve, regulation ability to media inside piping should be ensured. Influences of pressure loss in pipeline system and the impact on media pressure when close disc should be taken into consideration. What’s more, temperature of materials used for elastic seat under high temperature also should be noticed. 
In terms of extension rod butterfly valve, the disc has definite wiping performance during movement. Nevertheless, extension rod butterfly valve can be used for media which contain floating solid particles. Strength of sealing parts can be considered based on powders and particles in media. 
Main features of extension rod butterfly valve:
1. Fresh design, reasonable and special structure, light weight, quick on-off;
2. Low torque, convenient operation, less effort and flexible;
3. Extension rod butterfly valve can be installed at any positions, convenient for maintenance;
4. Sealing parts are replaceable. Sealing performance can realize zero leakage of double direction sealing;
5. Sealing materials have good aging resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. 
Features of Extension Rod Butterfly Valve
Sep 23,2016
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