Features of Intelligent Pneumatic Ball Valve

Intelligent pneumatic ball valve is driven by pneumatic actuator, having realized completed intelligent control.
For its own advantages, intelligent pneumatic ball valve has been applied in different fields. For example, because of compact structure and reliable sealing, the valve is used for current limiting operation in amount of chemical plants. 
Features of intelligent pneumatic ball valve:
1. The seat of ball valve has good sealing. The sealing ring made of PTFE and other elastic materials can prevent leakage. Moreover, with the pressure of media rising, the sealing of valve will be better and better;
2. Due to PTFE and other elastic materials, the valve can cause good self-lubrication effectiveness. Although media rub with the ball, the abrasion is less. Therefore, the service life of intelligent pneumatic ball valve is longer than that of other types of valve;
3. Compared with other types of valve, pneumatic ball valve is more welcomed by customers for its less fluid resistance;
4. The sealing of stem is also reliable. The stem does not lift in case of packing sealing being destructed because of rotation;
5. Anti-static function cannot be ignored. A spring is set between ball and stem, leading out static electricity safely during valve on-off. 
Features of Intelligent Pneumatic Ball Valve
Sep 23,2016
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