Installation Steps of Insulation Ball Valve

Insulation ball valve and flanged gate valve are the same category of valve. Due to good heat preservation and cold insulation, insulation ball valve has been widely applied in chemical engineering, metallurgy, pharmacy and food, having high popularity on the market. Proper installation cannot only protect insulation ball valve from abrasion, but also can improve its efficiency. 
Installation steps of insulation ball valve:
1. Take off protective caps at the two ends of flange. The valve should be cleaned up when it is opened completely.
2. Before installation, the whole valve should be tested based on specified signal (electricity or gas) in case of vibration caused by transmission impacting usability. The valve should be installed only after being qualified. Wiring should follow the circuit diagram of electric actuator. 
3. Before being connected with pipe, impurities remained inside pipe should be cleaned up, otherwise the impurities may damage seat and ball. 
4. During installation, actuator cannot be used as lifting point for lifting in case of being damaged. 
5. The valve should be installed at horizontal or vertical pipes.
6. Pipes near mounting point cannot have droop or bear external force. Deviation of pipes can be eliminated by using piping rack or upholder. 
7. After being connected with pipes, please use specified connecting bolts for torque crossing locking flange.  
Installation Steps of Insulation Ball Valve
Sep 23,2016
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