Tips for Installing Silent Check Valve

Silent check valve is a kind of automatic valves whose disc can open or close automatically based on fluid media inside pipes flowing. The disc of valve rotates with the centerline of body. Under the pressure of media in one direction, the disc opens; when media flow reversely, the disc closes automatically, blocking media inside pipes flowing. Silent check valve has light volume and weight, convenient for transportation and installation while it is not suitable for media having granular solid or high viscidity. 
Application of silent check valve
Due to the unique shape design, silent check valve improves over-high flow resistance coefficient of media inside pipes. The valve has less volume and occupies less space. It is more convenient no matter installation or repairing. The disc has short stroke, in case of water hammer happening.
Tips for installing silent check valve:
1. Both of two passages should be blocked and the valve should be stored under cool and dry condition. Rust must be prevented on body when the valve is placed for a long time;
2. Before installation, the valve should be cleaned up. Go over the whole valve. Check whether the valve is damaged or not during transportation. Potential risks should be eliminated before installation;
3. Before installing silent check valve, instruction on valve should be reviewed, ensuring that the application conforms to the conditions of valve;
4. The valve should be installed on horizontal pipe and the bonnet should be kept upward.  
Tips for Installing Silent Check Valve
Sep 23,2016
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