Notes for Using Rubber Lined Valves

Rubber lined valves have both cutting-off and flow regulation performance. Rubber line valves are convenient for on-off without influence on flow, ensuring the repeatability of flow. The valves open slowly, reducing the impact on instruments caused by instant pipe pressure. Rubber lined valves are exclusively used for controlling media having strong corrosion. Surface of lumen of body is covered various types of rubber, suitable for different working temperatures and fluid pipelines, having high strength and good corrosion resistance. 
Notes for using rubber lined valves
1. Read operation instruction carefully, before using.
2. Use the valves under the pressure, temperature and media range on data plate or instruction. 
3. During usage, prevent rubber lined valves from producing overlarge piping stress due to temperature variation. Decrease temperature variation as possible and an U type expansion joint is added in front and back of valves. 
4. Lever cannot be used for opening or closing rubber lined valves.
5. For unsteady media resolving easily which may damage valves or cause leakage, measures should be taken to eliminate or restrain factors which result in unsteady media resolving. So when choosing the valves, if take the working conditions variation caused unsteady media dissolving in to consideration, rubber lined valves with auto pressure relief device should be used. 
6. If the valves are used for pipelines where media having toxicity, flammability, explosion and strong corrosion exist, packing cannot be replaced under the pressure. 7. If media having pyrophorisity exist inside pipes, measures should taken to prevent environment temperature and working temperature of pipe from exceeding spontaneous ignition point of media, in case of danger due to sunlight or fire disaster. 
8. If pipe vibrates strongly for a long term. Vibration should be eliminated in case of valves lined in rubber being damaged. 
Notes for Using Rubber Lined Valves
Sep 23,2016
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