Pneumatic Flange Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Flange Butterfly Valve
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China Flanged Butterfly Valve manufacturer Xinhai offers Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Pneumatic Flange Butterfly Valves, GB/T13927-92, DN50-2000.
  • Pneumatic flange butterfly valve, based on imported advanced technique, adopts fine J shape elastic seal ring and triple offset multilayer metal hard sealing structure. Applicable temperature belows 425℃. It is widely used to regulate flow or closure medium in metallurgy, petroleum, power and other industries. The valve utilizes triple offset sealing structure. Valve seat and disc made of stainless steel with different hardness, have good corrosion resistance and long service life. The valve has bi-directional sealing, according to GB/T13927-92 pressure test standard.
    Characteristics of pneumatic flange butterfly valve
    1. The valve adopts triple offset sealing structure which cannot cause abrasion to valve seat and disc, having good seal.
    2. Seal ring made of stainless steel, combines with the advantages of metal hard seal and elastic seal. No matter under low or high temperature, seal ring has good seal.
    3. Disc overlay with STL, has abrasion resistance and long service life.
    4. Large size butterfly valve, utilizing lattice structure, has high strength, large flow area and small flow resistance.
    5. The valve has bi-directional seal. It can be installed at any position without the limitation of medium flow and space.
    6. Actuating device adopts multistage installment which is convenient to use.
    Technical parameter
    Nominal diameter DN(mm) 50~2000
    Nominal Pressure PN(MPa) 0.6 1.0 1.6 2.5
    Seal test(MPa) 0.66 1.1 1.76 2.75
    Strength test(MPa) 0.9 1.5 2.4 3.75
    Applicable temperature Carbon steel: -29℃~425℃; stainless steel: -40℃~650℃
    Applicable medium Water, air, gas, oil and weak corrosive fluid
    Leakage rate GB/T13927-92
    Driving mode Manual, worm gear, pneumatic, electric

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