Soft Seal Plug Valve Introduction

Soft seal plug valve is applicable for medium having corrosion or toxicity. The materials of valve cannot cause pollution to medium. For different medium, body is made of alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel.
A. For different temperature, lubricating liner of plug valve is made of F4, F46, PVDF, PP, PO, PE, etc, having good lubrication. Seal pairs have low coefficient of friction, ensuring plug rotating flexibly and long service life.
B. Ends of body adopt double groove seal ring. When plug valve rotating, sealing specific between seal pairs change gradually. When valve opened or closed completely, it produces adequate specific pressure and seal pairs realize non leakage. 
C. Double seal ring can stabilize liner inside body and absorb micro deformation caused by temperature variation. Resistance between liner and plus has self-cleaning, increasing service life of seal face.
D. Unique lip seal structure on the top of plunger adopts combination of soft seal diaphragm, metal diaphragm and regulating gasket. It can regulate specific pressure of seal between seal faces, making plug rotating flexibly and enhancing sealing of entrance end, exit end and flanged end.
E. Soft seal plug valve is applicable for gaseous or liquid medium having high erosion, such as PVC, urea and anhydride acetic acid.
F. Medium can flow in two ways. Installing direction of soft seal plug valve has no limitation. Plug valve has realized online maintenance.
G. Unique design can prevent static electricity, guaranteeing fire-proof and safety.  
Sep 23,2016
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