Tips for Choosing Valves

It is well known that valves are used to transport or control fluid and gas. Valves have wide application in fluid pipe system. Valves are mainly used to separate equipment and pipe system, control flow rate, prevent backflow, control and release pressure. And in order to ensure that valves can play important role, selection is very important.

1. Valves can be classified into butterfly valve, gate valve, ball valve and plug valve. Nevertheless, usage scope of valves must be noticed when choose valves.
2. Casting and processing of ball valve and plug valve are quite difficult. So, their prices are high. In general, ball valve and plug valve are suitable for medium or small dimension pipes. Ball valve has advantages of low fluid resistance, reliable sealing, flexible operation, convenience for operation and maintenance. Plug valve also has similar advantages. 
3. In order to reduce the covering depth of pipes, generally, large dimension pipes cooperate with high quality butterfly valve. However, butterfly valve still has disadvantages. The disc occupies definite flow cross-section, which increases water and soil loss.
4. For low requirements for covering depth, gate valve is better. But the height of gate valve still influences of covering depth of pipes. What’s more, length of large dimension horizontal gate valve can increase transverse area of pipes, impacting arrangement of other pipes, which should be noticed. 
5. In recent years, for casting technology improving, new resin sand is used for casting valves, efficiently reducing mechanical process and costs. So, ball valve may still be available for large dimension pipe.
Above tips should be considered when choosing valves. For various types of valves, choosing the most suitable valve is uneasy. Some aspects must be taken full consideration.    
Tips for Choosing Valves
Sep 23,2016
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