Usage of Butterfly Valves Under Working Conditions

Most of butterfly valves can be used for medium containing suspended solid pellets for disc moving with wipe. According to strength of sealing face, butterfly valves are also used for powdery or grainy medium. Butterfly valves have low face to face dimension and overall height, opened or closed rapidly and low fluid resistance. When opening angle is between 15 degree and 70 degree, butterfly valves can control flow sensitively. The structure of butterfly valves is quite suitable for large caliber valves.
Usage of butterfly valves for different working conditions:
1. Require to throttle or control flow.
2. Mud medium or medium have rigid granules
3. Require low face to face dimension.
4. Require to be opened or closed rapidly.
5. Require less pressure difference.
Butterfly valves are able to be used for on-off control, reduced bore channel, low noise, cavitation or gasification, few leakage to atmosphere, medium with abradability.
Special three eccentric butterfly valves or double eccentric butterfly valves with metal seals and adjusting device are used for throttling under special working conditions: requiring strict sealing, serious abrasion, or low temperature.
Soft seal butterfly valves are used for ventilation and dusting pipeline to double on-off or adjust in metallurgy, light industry, electricity, petroleum.
Metal to metal line sealing double eccentric butterfly valves are used as adjusting or throttling device for pipelines to supply heat, gas, water, oil, acid or alkaline. 

Metal to metal face sealing three eccentric butterfly valves are widely utilized in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, food, pharmacy, etc. besides as control valve for large swing adsorbing gas separation.  
Sep 23,2016
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