Structure & Characteristics of Welded Ball Valve

Structure of welded ball valve:
1. Welded ball valve is made of carbon steel seamless steel tube which is pressed into intergrated welded ball valve.
2. Stem is made of AISI303 stainless steel. Body is made of AISI304 stainless steel which has been grinded finely, having good seal and corrosion resistance.
3. Seal ring adopts carbon strengthened PTFE cant elastic seal ring. The seal ring is pressed on ball to realize zero leakage and enhance service life.
4. Face to face: welded end, screw end, flanged end, etc. Driving manner: manual operated, gear operated, pneumatic operated, electric operated, etc.
5. Welded ball valve has compact structure, light weight. It is convenient for keeping warm and installing. The valve is installed horizontally in general. 
6. Intergrated welded ball valve is widely utilized for pipelines in gas, petroleum, heating, chemical industry, thermal power, etc.
Characteristics of welded ball valve:
1. Body is made of steel tube by welding.
2. Gasket is made of strengthened PTFE.
3. Stem adopts explosion design 
4. Temperature range: -60~200℃
5. Driving manner: manual operated, gear operated
6. Test inspection: API 598
Sep 23,2016
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