Stainless Butterfly Valve Introduction

Based on structure, stainless steel butterfly valve can be classified into offset plate butterfly valve, vertical plate butterfly valve, cantboard butterfly valve, lever butterfly valve. Based on seal, stainless steel butterfly valve is classified into soft seal butterfly valve and hard seal butterfly valve. Soft seal butterfly valve uses rubber seal ring. Hard seal butterfly valve uses metal seal ring. Based on connection, stainless steel butterfly valve is classified into flanged butterfly valve and wafer butterfly valve.
Structure of butterfly valve
Spring is assembled with adjusting bolt together. The structure can compensate tolerance zone between axle sleeve and body and elastic transformation on stem caused by medium pressure.
Soft T multi-level stainless steel plates consist of seal ring, having the advantages of metal hard seal and soft seal. Under high temperature and high pressure, it can realize zero leakage. When medium flow positively, pressure on seal face is caused by torque of actuator and medium pressure. When positive medium pressure increases, surface of plate squeezes to seal face of valve base tightly to realize seal.   
For contra flow, torque of actuator pushes plate to base to realize seal. With the increasing of negative medium pressure, positive pressure between plate and base is lower than medium pressure. Deformation energy of spring after loading can compensate tight pressure between plate and base.
Advantaged of butterfly valve
1. Have low fluid resistance.
2. Have simple structure, low volume and light weight.
3. Can transmit mud without storing fluid inside pipelines.
4. Have good seal under low pressure.
5. Have good function of regulating.
Sep 23,2016
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