Valves in Water System of Heating Air Condition

Common valves in water system of heating air condition include gate valve, globe valve and butterfly valve.
Gate vale
For its moderate length, rotary adjusting rod and good regulating performance, gate valve is widely utilized in large caliber pipes.
Globe valve 
Globe valve is suitable for small caliber pipes for its long length, rotary adjusting rod and good regulating performance (DN≤150mm).
Butterfly valve
Butterfly valve has short length, handle regulating rod, bad regulating performance and high price. But it is suitable for large caliber pipelines in limited space for its convenient utilization (DN´╝×150mm).
1. Gate valve, globe valve and butterfly valve are used for entrance or exit of water chilling unit or heat exchanger according to different situations.
2. Globe valve or gate valve is used for manifold or collector to control. 
3. Entrance of pump has a valve. Exit of pump has two valves. The valve close to pump at the exit is check valve. The other two valves are gate valve, check valve or butterfly valve.
4. Small caliber pipelines at the end of heating air condition can use globe valve or ball valve.
5. For horizontal pipes in multi-story building, balanced valve is used to balance flow in every floor. 
6. Drain valve in tank or pipeline is not used to regulate. So the valve which can close tightly can be used as drain valve like gate valve or globe valve.
7. For steam-condensate piping system such as steam heating system, boiler water system and steam-water heat exchanger system, entrance has a compression release valve. Safety valve is set at the position which may produce high pressure. Trap valve is used at the position which discharges condense water.
8. Plug valve is used as exhaust valve for water system of heating air condition. 
Sep 23,2016
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