Apparent Demands for Gas in China Increasing Constantly

The new International Gas Report published by Platts points out that the total apparent demands for gas in China was 1.391 ten billion cubic meters in June, increasing by 7.9% on year-on-year basis while falling by 4.7, compared with previous month. In the fist half of this year, the total apparent demands for gas was 8.873 ten billion cubic meters, increasing by 9.2% on year-on-year basis. Platts figured out Chinese total demands for gas in June according to net import volume and domestic output.  
Data of customs showed that import volume of pipe gas was 2.11 million tons in June, exceeding 2 million tons the highest record in May. Turkmenistan became the largest pipe gas supplier for China. Supply rose to 1.73 million tons by 26.1% in June, which was the largest import volume since China beginning to import gas from Turkmenistan at the end of 2009.
Statics showed that Chinese import volume of pipe gas increased to 10.77 million tons by 14.3%. Gas imported form Turkmenistan was 9.22 million tons, increasing by 7.1% on year-on-year basis while gas from Uzbekistan decreased to 549,164 tons by 32.8% heavily on year-on-year basis.
For LNG (liquefied natural gas), total import volume was 1.34 million tons in June, increasing by 7.4% on year-on-year basis. In the first half of this year, purchases for LNG in china was 9.9 million tons, increasing by 18.7% so that total delivery of gas and LNG could reach 20.67 million tons, increasing by 16.4% compared with the first year of 2013.
Apparent Demands for Gas in China Increasing Constantly
Sep 23,2016
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