Canadian Government Approved Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline

On June 17th, Canadian government approved to build a new oil pipeline named as Northern Gateway from oil fields in northwest of Canada to Canadian coast in order to export oil to countries in Asian-pacific areas, mainly to China.
Currently, ally of oil exploited in Canada are supplied to the U.S.. Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada positions Canada as emerging energy superpower, striving for expanding oil export market. He thinks that is about Canadian national interests.
Canadian government approved Enbridge to build a new oil pipeline in the northwest of Canada, which is estimated to cost 7.9 trillion Canadian dollars (about 7.9 trillion USD).
When the oil pipeline is built, Canada can transport 5.25 ten thousand barrels of crude from Alberta Province to Kitimat daily. Then, Crude is shipped in Kitimat and transported countries in Asian-pacific area. It is estimated that about 220 large oilers will reach to Kitimat and transport Canadian crude to Asian-pacific market.
Alberta has abundant oil sand resources. Proven oil reserves are about 17 trillion barrels, ranking at the third place in the world. Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, calls Canada as emerging energy superpower, having supported to build multi oil pipelines enthusiastically. 
Sep 23,2016
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