China-Burma Gas Pipe Has Operated Safely for One Year

It is reported that China-Burma gas pipe has operated safely for one year by July 27. Accumulative total of gas having been transmitted to China from the west coast of Burma is 1.87 billion cubic meters. Otherwise, the pipe distributes 60 million cubic meters of gas to Burma, providing new power to drive local economy and society to develop at a high speed.
On July 28, 2013, China-Burma gas pipe went into operation to transmit gas formally. Representatives of investors coming from China, Burma, Korea and India witnessed the result of the transnational energy cooperation program together in Mandalay, Burma.
In the end of this June, upstream gas treatment plants stopped delivering gas for 11 days due to catastrophic failure of equipments. Control center of Southeast Asia Pipe Company took measures for emergency response, keeping normal download for Burma without affecting downstream customers on the basis of ensuring relative stability of pipe storage pressure.
Clean energy transmitted by gas pipe not only plays a key role in economic construction in China, but also provides power to economic development in Burma. Currently, most of gas distributed by three distribution stations in Kyaukpyu, Mandalay and Yenangyaung is used for gas power generation. Other is transmitted to industrials customers including glass works, cement plants and gas power plant whose installed capacity is 100 MW in industrial park near Mandalay. The short supply of electricity in local has been remitted since the plant going into operation.
It is known that the total length of China-Burma gas pipe is 793 km. Design capacity is 12 billion cubic meters per year. The first phase of investment on the program is 2.15 billion USD. As the second exporting passageway of gas in Burma, China-Burma gas pipe not only ensures energy supply in Burma, but also solves the local employment issues.
China-Burma Gas Pipe Has Operated Safely for One year
Sep 23,2016
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