China Valve Foundry Industry Showing Disadvantages

As one of national industries, China valve foundry industry has obvious development in recent years. Although disturbances exist during developing, valve foundry industry is stable and rising, having become one of the highly developing machinery.
Valve is the base of foundry industry or even the whole industry, having good promotion for national economy development. Statics from developed countries show that output value of valves is sum of compressor, draught fan and pump, accounting for 5% of total output value in the machinery. As key components, valves play key role in metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, power, etc. In recent years, constant increasing investment in infrastructure projects brings opportunities to valve foundry industry.
However, China valve foundry industry has the same disadvantages as other machineries. Those disadvantages include low developing level, low technical content, single category and unstable quality, etc.
Lacing of core technology, automation control and excellent management causes a huge gap between China and developed countries. Experts have shown 4 reasons:
1. Lacking of innovative talents;
2. Lacking of innovation in technique;
3. Gap in quality management;
4. Gap in production process.
Support of national policies and requirements for valve products are strong motive power for valve industry. China valve foundry industry is still developing and future is optimistic.  
Sep 23,2016
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