China Valve Industry Facing With Problems

Influenced by economic crisis, due structural adjustment of global valve manufacturing, industrial gravity centre, technology and investment of top brands transfer to China. Modern life style, pursuit leisure natural sport conception promotes consumer demands on Chinese valve market to grow fast.
As essential industrial equipment and important matched mechanical product in national economy, valve has been widely applied in power, petrifaction, metallurgy, environmental protection, coal and other fields in national economy, including water conservation, urban construction and other constructions of infrastructures. Among that, gas & oil, power and chemical engineering are the most important application fields. During 2010-2014, Chinese valve market has expanded rapidly. 
Advancement and reliability of valve have direct relationship with normal operation of industrial devices and infrastructures. Technological change and industrial revolution have great influences on valve industry. For years, through technology import and absorption, independent development and technical transformation, product development, design and manufacturing level are highly improved. Except for some valves having high parameters and particular valves, Chinese valves can meet the requirements in national economy and infrastructures construction basically. However, China valve industry is still facing with some problems:
1. Valve market is scattered. There are a lot of manufacturers and fierce competition. 
2. Fierce competition is on low-end market while monopolistic competition is on high-end market.
3. Technical level, technological and materials technology are relatively backward. In valve industry, the largest valve manufacturers are mainly concentrating in Europe, the U.S., Japan and other developed countries. 
4. China valve industry is started lately. Industry standard and related laws or regulations still need to be innovated and strengthened. 
5. Adjustments of industrial structure and product structure result in valve system gradually integrating and automating.
China Valve Industry Facing With Problems

Sep 23,2016
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