Electric Knife Gate Valve Causing New Technical Innovation

In general, electric knife gate valve is used as a part of complete machine. Materials, structure, quality, reliability of valve has direct influences on efficiency, energy consumption, pollution, service live and security of complete machine. For current situation and development trend, electric knife gate valve will cause new technical innovation. 

The largest impacts of the same foreign products on Chinese valve industry are the application of new materials, adjustment of product structure and performance enhancement. 
The emphasis on foreign new valve product development focuses on the application of new materials. The current corrosion resistance materials used for electric knife gate valve cannot meet the requirements of technological development. Valves made of extra-low carbon stainless steel have low output. So, foreign valve industry is accelerating development of super-low carbon two phase stainless steel valves. Super-low carbon two phase stainless has strong resistance to pitting corrosion, intergranular corrosion, uniform corrosion under the environment of chloridion, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, mineral acid, organic acid. Secondly, foreign valve industry pays more attention to nano materials used for valves. Natotechnology is an advanced technology. In manufacturing, nano materials only can reach to sub-nanometer. Powders which are used for valves are processed into nanometer level. The original plastic particles are quite large. Tiny powder particles which are arranged tidily can be acquired. Then, the particles are cast into form after being sintered under high temperature to acquire the whole cavity of valves. The plastic valves have good corrosion resistance, higher strength, taking place of stainless steel valves applied in petroleum, chemical engineering, especially sweetener in thermal power plant which has strong corrosion. What’s more, for nickel based nanopowders which manufactured by using carbonyl process, the powder is covered on sealing face so that hardness of sealing face can reach to HRC62~70, highly improving wearing resistance, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance of sealing face, extending service life of electric knife gate valve further. Lastly, ceramic is widely applied in valves. Due to ceramic, corrosion resistance, service life and sealing performance are better than cemented alloy. Ceramic is mainly used for sealing pair. For example, instrumentation valves mainly adopt ceramic ball sealing, having high hardness, high temperature resistance and long service life. Moreover, develop rubbers having different usages. For example, HNBR has strong corrosion resistance to hydrogen sulfide, which can be applied on sealing face of valves. HNBR can be used on seat of API 6A gate valve to improve service life and corrosion resistance to hydrogen sulfide.
The influences on Chinese valve industry caused by update in advance of the same foreign products are shown the following aspects: 
Instead of the same valve products assorted with major projects in China;
Occupy wide market;
Intensify competition in Chinese valve industry.
Electric Knife Gate Valve Causing New Technical Innovation
Sep 23,2016
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