Industrial Surplus World Launches New Valve Division

Industrial Surplus World (ISW) launches a new Valve Division in the United States at their new warehouse located in Houston, Texas. As ISW expanding rapidly, relief valves have quickly become the leading product item. For that, ISW has invested significantly into its company to create a Valve Division. All relief valves of all sizes and types will be managed and sold through this division, bringing focus and account management to each client and customer.
A lot of relief valves manufactured by Industrial Surplus World have been widely used to control or limit the pressure in a system. There is a heavy need for more relief valves. A lot of valve buyers and manufacturers are seeing an increase in the demand for these type valves.
"It's all about bringing the right fit to the right machine or equipment," adds Alena E, who handles the Valves Division for Industrial Surplus World. "Combined with our direct sales initiative, products can be packaged and shipped quickly." Industrial Surplus World has been in the valve business for years. Having a core network and relationship with several valve manufacturers, it places Industrial Surplus World in strong position to become a leading a supplier of valves nationwide. Cameron International is a customer of Industrial Surplus World. Today, Industrial Surplus World have a large inventory of NAVCO valves that were made by Cameron International. Every day, there are inquiries and sales orders for NAVCO valves. It is important to have this relationship with Cameron International. It is one factor contributing to the expansion and the launching of the Valve Division.
There is a strong demand for valves that could control flow in process combustion systems, including main line fuel shutoff with built in control needs. Valves can be carbon, stainless steel, or made in brass. Most of them include features like pipe taps, closure proof, junction box, etc. The petroleum and chemical industries have a need for valves. Being located in Houston, Texas places Industrial Surplus World in close proximity of energy, oil, gas, and chemical industries.
The global market offers the same product at varied prices internationally and it often filters away serious buyers into a spiral of never ending possibilities to find the same product for less but this quarter of 2014 has changed the dynamics. There is a need for these valves.
Sep 23,2016
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