Relationship between the Internet and Valve Industry

The internet is a global network, which connect net citizens around the world through tiny cables. On the Internet, everyone can see the information which they need. And all of the information is free and public. The internet maximizes resource utilization of the data. The information can exist in different forms. So, the Internet has already changed the way that people study, work and live. It even has influenced the whole social development. 
Valve industry belongs to conventional industries. As vital components of fluid regulation equipments and large complete equipments, valves play a key role in every section of national economy. 
The relationship between the Internet and valve industry 
For the Internet growing gradually, all of conventional industries are suffering from the impact of new things more or less inevitably, including valve industry. Under the shock wave, some industries are flat-lining while other industries achieve new opportunities to grow like mushrooms. On the internet, all of information resources cross the regional limitation. Nowadays, two people can become cooperative partners although they are far from each other due to highly developed physical distribution.    
Valves are widely applied in petrochemical industry, oil refinery, nuclear power and thermal power. Besides, construction and other special industries also need valves. The usage of valves is wide. Large numbers of enterprises use valves, which means that valves develop rapidly and have good prospect. In the next 10 years, thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, large petrochemical engineering, oil and gas transmission pipe, coal liquefaction and metallurgy will develop unprecedentedly. The development of new valve products matching with the projects will be the key. The whole valve market will grow at a high speed. Valves products have simple manufacturing process and large demands. The global competition is also drastic. In terms of the market, valve industry has high concentration ration and monopoly has not formed yet. Combining with instantaneity and crossing localization of the Internet, valve industry has good prospect.  
Relationship between the Internet and Valve Industry
Sep 23,2016
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