Speed up Geothermal Energy Development and Utilization

Geothermal resource is a renewable clean energy. The amount of Chinese geothermal resource accounts for 1/6 in the world. Liu Qi, the Vice Director of the National Energy Administration, said in China’s first geothermal forum held on 25th, that our utilization and exploitation of geothermal energy will develop rapidly and the geotherm will play an important role in our renewable energy industry.
It is showed that the using of geothermal up 1% each time in the energy consuming structure is equivalent to 37.5-million-ton alternative standard coal and 94-million-ton carbon dioxide emission reduction. At present, the geothermal development areas of Sinopec are extended to fourteen provinces. Geothermal heating areas are over 30 million square meters, which are about 30% of the world regular heating area, accomplishing the using of alternative coal 10 million tons and carbon dioxide reduction 25 million tons each year. CPCC has therefore become the biggest domestic geothermal user and developer and successfully made "Xiongxian County Model" . Until now, Xiong County has built 338㎡ heating areas and become China’s  first "smokeless city" .      
According to the information released on "2014 China Geothermal Forum" , by 2015, the heating and cooling area of our Chinese geothermal energy will rise to 500 million square meters, and the geothermal power capacity reaches one 100 thousand kw. 

Speed up Geothermal Energy Development and Utilization
Sep 23,2016
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