China Valves Market Expanding

China valves market expands highly for the development of petroleum. For over ten years, policies and economic situations have provided advantages to valves market, having large space for increasing. Currently, petroleum enterprises need to update equipments which have a large demand for valve. It is estimated that China valves market will be increased in further for the next few years.
The demands for valves are expanding continuously. 

At present, China petroleum is developing into large scale and internationalization. And it will keep sustainable developing in the next 5 years. Oil refinery devices and ethylene units will be built or expanded, providing a large market to valve industry. Otherwise, pumps have been aging, which require update and modification.
In the next 5 years, petroleum will become main market for valves, especially high temperature high pressure valve, low temperature valve, ultra temperature valve, corrosion resistance stainless steel valve and stainless steel ball valve which can transport viscous medium and the medium with rigid granules. Demands will be expanded. 
China valve apparent consumption has already reached to the highest level in the world, nearly 1/4 of global total consumption. Consumption per capita has reached to 3.4kg, being the top of developing countries. For its advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight and long service life, stainless steel valve is widely utilized in shipbuilding, transport service, etc. for the highly development of machinery, china valves market has a bright future. 
For price, the price is quite stable in china valves market. The market is still optimistic.  
Sep 23,2016
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