China's Valve Industry Abandons Price War

In recent years, China's industry has been booming. China's valve industry also develops at a high speed. However, China's valve industry are always focusing on price war which causes China's valve products still locating at the low-end of international valve market. For this, valve manufacturers need to eliminate outdated capacity, strengthening competitiveness and expanding developing space.
But some problems still exist in industry. Valve manufacturers spread nationwide. For capacity and contradiction between supply and demand, those manufacturers are carrying out price war. While price war result in difficulties in valve market and plunge market into chaos. So valve manufacturers need to transform competitive method. 
Experts predict that China's valve market will be larger than American market by 10%, larger than Japanese market by four times in 2015. Then, buyers will purchase 2.4 billion USD valves. In 2015, three of top ten buyers in list and six of top twenty buyers will locate in Asia.
In international, although added value of China's valve products is still low, China's valve manufacturers only strengthen innovation to develop high-value products, having large export potentials. 
Furthermore, standards cannot be neglected for the developing of valve technique and expand of application. China's valve industry has entered into a new period. Products need renewal and internal management of enterprise must also be transformed to conform to industry standards. 
During the 12th national five-year play, valve industry contributes to realize new-style industrialization and resource saving and environmental friendly society. For reducing of orders and rising of materials prices caused by financial crisis, China' valve industry has already carried out survival of the fittest. Outdated capacity has been eliminated. 
With quickening of restruction in industry, through innovation and technique promotion, valves will realization complete localization.
Sep 23,2016
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