China (Yiwu) International Pump and Valve Fire Fighting Equipment Fair 2017

Exhibition Address: Yiwu International Expo Center.
Sponsor: Yiwu Pengxiang Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer: Zhejiang Pump & Valve Industry Association and Yiwu Zhongbo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Contractor: Yiwu Pengxiang Exhibition Co., Ltd.

China (Yiwu) International Pump and Valve Fire Fighting Equipment Fair 2017 will be held at Yiwu International Expo Center from 9th to 11th November, 2017. Yiwu as China's largest small commodities export base and the world's largest small commodities collection and distribution center, its market outward is over 65%. With the help of Yiwu market's influence in the world, it is believed that holding the Pump and Valve Fair in Yiwu will bring obvious social and economic effects to exhibitors.

 Product Ranges
1. Products related to water heating, bathrooms, heating and ventilation, hardware, etc.
2. Kitchen baths: cupboards, bath cabinets, cup holders, knife rest, etc.
3. Bathroom plumbing: faucets, washbasins, sink series, bath series, shower series, toilets, bathtub series, bathroom accessories, hot water/heating, floor drain, etc.
4. Valves: gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, check valves, plug valves, blowdown valves, filters, plunger valves, solenoid valves, regulating valves, throttle valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, pressure reducing valves, related accessories, etc.
5. Pumps: pipeline pumps, centrifugal pumps, feed pumps, submersible pumps, chemical pumps, gear pumps, magnetic force driving pumps, anticorrosive pumps, oil pumps, impurity pumps, high temperature pumps, hydraulic jet pumps, etc.
Valve Exhibition
Jul 14,2017
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