High-end Valves Nationalized with Difficulty

Currently, according the analysis of valve market, China's valve market has already supplied a various kinds of valves, such as heating valve, environmental valve and constructive valve. With the several years' efforts of China's manufacturers, some high-end valves have been realized nationalization. But others still need to be imported. Based on the data from China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA), in this year, pump products having high import quantum concentrate in hydraulic reciprocating ram pump and oil pressure reciprocating ram pump. Valve products include pressure reducing valve, hydraulic valve, pneumatic valve, safety valve and valve components. High-end valves which is still imported, require our efforts to make a breakthrough.
Industry orientation of high-end valves industrial park aims to forging into high-end oriented, complete set, internalized China's high-end valves city. Use 3-5 yeas to introduce 200 high-end valves manufacturers and attract investment for more than 20 billions RMB, realizing annual sales revenue reaching for more than 50 billions RMB. The final annual sales revenue will reach to 100 billions RMB.
At present, neither domestic market support policy nor technical level is still not good enough to develop high-end valves. In general, with gradual advancement of policy for accelerating invigorating equipment manufacturing industry, development of general basic manufacturing will receive key support in further. The departments such as petrochemical industry, electrical sector and metallurgy industry will enhance the demand for valves. However, feasibility of import substitution for valves in China's industries differs a lot. High-end valves need more guidances from policies and supports from scientific research.
Sep 23,2016
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