Intelligent Machine Tool Has Influences on Valve Industry

Valve is an indispensable product for industrial pipes. China is the largest valve consumption and manufacturing country around the world. However, machine tool in China is still fall behind foreign level on design, materials, technology and parts fabrication. Therefore, China has low production capacity for middle and high end valves and still needs to import a large number of high end valves from abroad. In the future, valve industry will develop into automation, intelligence and green.
As one of the most important equipment for industrial manufacturing, machine tool is constantly developing into intelligence. Intelligent machine tool combines precision manufacturing and other relative technology, software and hardware of computer, compatible with network technology, which develops intelligent instrument of production. When intelligent machine tool is equipped with logical judgment and tutorial function gradually, the intelligence attracts more attention from valve industry.
Intelligent machine tool is a kind of machine tools which can make judgment and decision during valve manufacturing. Intelligent machine tool can monitor, diagnose and revise various deviations occurring during manufacturing, after knowing the whole manufacturing process. It can also provide prospects for manufacturing optimization. Moreover, intelligent machine tool can work out the residual service life of used cutter, principal axis, bearing and guide rail so that uses can know the residual service time and replacement time.      
The appearance of intelligent machine tool provides conditions for realizing the whole production automation in the future. Intelligent machine tool can improve machining precision and efficiency through restraining vibration, reducing thermal deformation, preventing interference, regulating quantity of lubrication oil automatically and reducing noise. For further integrated manufacturing system, single machine tool can reduce workload on managing machine tool significantly when its automation has been highly improved.
The combination between information technology and traditional machine tool makes machine tool develop into digitization, integration and intellectualization. Application space of digital manufacturing equipment, digital production line and digital plant will be larger and larger. Numerical control machine tool should enhance intelligent judgment on information.  
Intelligent Machine Tool Has Influences on Valve Industry
Sep 23,2016
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