Clean Energy Will Bring Opportunity to Valve Industry

For global energy demands constantly expanding and environment protection gradually improving, clean energy will become mainstream in the future. Due to national marketization advancing gradually for One Belt And One Road, gas will face with new development opportunity. In the future, broad investment space will exist in gas clean energy, promoting valve industry to develop.

Under the strategic background of free trade promoted by One Belt And One Road, investment proportion of Chinese energy enterprises overseas will also grow, making better cooperation atmosphere for China and other countries. Several important energy producers are distributed along One Belt And One Road, such as Russia, five countries in Center Asia and Mongolia. Those countries have relatively abundant oil and gas reserves. However, half of population in India or Burma is still lack of electricity. So, Chinese enterprises can go there to build power stations or oil gas pipe networks, which will also need large numbers of valve products such as ball valves and global valves. Those power stations and oil gas pipe networks will compensate with energy. 

Currently, gas import lines on land are China-Central Asia Gas Pipeline and China-Burma Gas Pipeline. Offshore LNG import lines connect with oil lines. A Line, B Line and C Line have already been built up. D Line is planned to operation in 2016. China-Central Asia Gas Pipeline will become the largest gas transmission system in Central Asia after D Line being built up. Total gas transmission capacity will reach to 85 billion cubic meters per year. Now, China-Russia Gas Pipeline is still under construction and China-Russia Western Line Gas Pipe is also negotiated. International oil price is depressed and Russian economy faces with large difficulties. Russia requires large numbers of funds to turn the corner. It is the best time for signing gas long term supply agreement. The Eastern Gas Supply Contract should be implemented as soon as possible. And negotiation also should be accelerated. 

China has only about more than ten thousands kilometers of gas pipes, which is far from nearly one million kilometers of gas pipes in the U.S.. In terms of population and demands, China should exceed than the U.S.. For pipe valve industry opening and market requirements growing, valve industry will welcome opportunity. 
Clean Energy Will Bring Opportunity to Valve Industry
Sep 23,2016
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