New Technologies Promoting Valve Products to Update

For information technology highly development, informatization and intelligence are constantly changing social life. As terminal actuator controlling fluids in pipe, if implanted with computing technology, sensor technology, remote control technology and intellectual technology, valves will be attached with new concept, producing new structure and working mechanism which is completely different from original products and promoting valve products to update. 
The inkling has already been seen on newly manufactured control valves, safety valves, drain valves, ball valves and other products. For example, spring safety valve is one of the most commonly used valves. However, for large scale and highly parameterized devices, the physical dimension and reliability of safety valve cannot meet the requirements of production. If pressure sensing elements are installed inside safety valve, the valve will become a new type. What’s more, drain valves have various types, the mechanism is that use the difference steam and condensation water on temperature, density and flow velocity to control valve on-off through complicated structure, realizing choking and drainage. Combining elements which can recognize gas and fluid with valve to control on-off is an innovation.
In general, materials, structure, mechanical strength, performance and service life are the main factors which should be noticed when design valve products. When evaluate valve products, those indicators are also adopted. For time development and social progress, the idea of people first has already infiltrated into various fields of social life. As a mechanical product widely applied in industry, agriculture, defense and having close relationship with daily valve, valve cannot be limited by traditional design concepts and methods. 
Material science is considered as one of subjects which have the most developing prospects in the new century. In recent years, large numbers of new high performance materials like nanometer materials, superconducting materials, function materials, organic synthetic materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and other composite materials have come out. Meanwhile, new technologies and equipments like casting, welding, spray welding, spraying, composite, sintering and other moldings and surface treatments also come out. 
New Technologies Promoting Valve Products to Update
Sep 23,2016
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