The Future Core Competitiveness of Valve Manufacturers

On current valve market, all of famous valve manufacturers have their own brands. They have formed matched complete system including production, publicity, sales and after-sales service. The advantages of brands have been formed. Nevertheless, valve market shares mostly focus on these brands.
In current valve industry, to survive in drastic market competition, quite a few manufacturers try their efforts to go into promotion price. However, low price just attracts only a few consumers. Low price is unfavorable for long-term development of manufacturers. Although various sales promotions appear, they cannot attract consumers any more. In frequent price war, consumers also acquire experience. They pay more attention to brands and quality of products. 
On the other hand, there have been a lot of valve manufacturers on market. Valve market has been saturated. Competitive measures consisting of services, prices and promotions lead to polarization more obvious. For this, developing enterprises cannot just only focus on price war. They should use price war effectively to expand usage of their own product as much as possible, making consumers realize quality of products and developing their own brands further.
For valve manufacturers, brand developing complements with enterprises. In follow-up development, advantages brought by brands to enterprises will be more obvious. Due to popularity of brands, enterprises can acquire quite high credibility and loyalty from dealers or consumers. Moreover, enterprises can put profits rationally into products research and development, accelerating products updating. Overall sales prices can rise steadily, promoting brands to develop. 
Although many valve manufacturers have realized the importance of services for sales and brands, services in control valves, check valves and safety valves are still later. On implementation, valve manufacturers are still passive. Nowadays, brands have become consensus for valve manufacturers. But a good brand cannot be lack of good services. Without services, consumers cannot be attracted. In short, products and services will become the core competitiveness of valve manufacturers in the future.   
The Future Core Competitiveness of Valve Manufacturers
Sep 23,2016
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