Valve Has Wide Market Space in Sewage Treatment

With China carrying out energy conservation and emission reduction strategy and developing strategic emerging industry, construction scale and service of sewage treatment will be expanded further. Construction market and operation market of sewage treatment will enter into a period of high-speed development. Industrial integration will be expanded gradually and market-oriented reform for sewage treatment will be advanced further. For this, valve has wide market space in sewage treatment in China. 
General demands on market keep growing steadily. Indispensable butterfly valve, ball valve and gate valve belonging to machining, whose market is influenced by the downstream application market. Exuberant market demands in sewage treatment accompany with urbanization rate constantly increasing and urban population rapidly growing in China. Therefore, sewage treatment needs large numbers of mud scraper, valves and other environmental protection machineries. 
Currently, in terms of complete equipment of sewage treatment, China is still fall behind delete developed countries. In China, comprehensive productive capacity of sewage treatment equipment cannot meet domestic demands, for backward varietal structure, less categories and poor development capacity. General mechanical products and primary products have high proportion. Except for large environment key enterprises, most of enterprises are lack of self-development capacity of new products. 
Products have poor quality and low technical level. 35%~40% of products are equivalent to international level in 1960’s and 1970’s. In current domestic sewage treatment equipment, about 1/5 of products are limited to be produced or eliminated and about 2/5 of products need to be improved. Although domestic equipment is exported, it has low technical content and poor competitiveness on international market, in general.
Valve Has Wide Market Space in Sewage Treatment
Sep 23,2016
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