Transition of Valve Products in China

Valve products manufacturing has a broad future. Particularly, driven by urban construction, industrial development, technical innovation and globalization, valve industry in China will also develop into internationalization, high-end and modernization in the future. That is also development direction of valve industry. Valve manufacturers in China open up new market in pursuit of constant innovation.
In the future, transition of valve products in China should follow the following points:
1. Cast steel valve market, due to oil exploration transferring from mainland oilfield to offshore oilfield and the development of thermal from below 300 thousand KW to above 300 thousand KW, the vale products should change performance and coefficients because of application changing. 
2. Large numbers of low pressure valves are usually adopted for urban construction, which are also developing into environment friendly and energy efficient. Cast iron gate valves used in the past are gradually transit to environmental friendly rubber sheet valve, balance valve, metal sealing butterfly valve and midline sealing butterfly valve. Oil and gas transmission project is developed into canalization which also needs plenty of flat gate valve and ball valve.
3. The other aspect of energy development is energy conservation. In terms of energy conservation, steam drain valve is required and should be developed into high coefficients such as subcritical and supercritical.
4. The power station is developed into upsizing which need large dimension high pressure safety valve and reducing valve. High on-off valve is also needed. 
5. To meet the requirements of complete engineering, valve supply should be developed form single category to multi-categories and multi-specifications. The trend that all of valves in a project are provided by only one manufacturer is becoming larger and larger. 
Transition of Valve Products in China
Sep 23,2016
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