Valve Manufacturers Make Automatic Valve

Currently, the idea of automation has penetrated into industries. Beside automatic upgrade for industrial production, parts of industrial equipments are merged with automatic technology, becoming new products which have more competiveness. Automatic valve is one of the new products.
In recent years, for the good macroeconomic situation, quotas of manufacturing and sales maintain a high speed development. However with the influence of price war, sales revenue and profit decrease sharply. Concentration of valve industry in China is still low. Valve manufacturers still focus on low-end products. For core technology, valve industry in China is still far from developed countries.
In general, some problems still exist in valve industry. Valve manufacturers are mainly small scale, cottage manufacturer. For overlapping investment and lacking of core technology, the principal product is still mass-market product with low quality.
The valves made in China have the disadvantages of leakage, short service life, unreliable electric or pneumatic actuator, etc. High temperature and high pressure valves still depend on import. Otherwise, the rising of labor cost also has great influence on industry. Developing automatic valve has become one of main trend in valve industry.
Automatic valve brings a good opportunity to valve manufacturers in China. For automatic, amount of exports accounts for less than 5% of total output. Amount of imports is equivalent to total output. That means the demands for automatic are large in China. Both technology and quality have large gap with developed countries. Automatic valve still cannot meet the demands for high end products in market. For that, valve manufacturer should grasp the opportunity of automatic valve, highly improving market and quality of products. 
Sep 23,2016
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