Analysis of Butterfly Valve Market in China

As a kind of control valves, butterfly valve has simple structure, widely utilized in high pressure pipelines. Butterfly valve can control flow of gas, water, steam, corrosive medium, mud, oil, liquid metal, radioactive medium, etc. For its specific usage, butterfly valve is always hot-selling products.
Butterfly valve connects or cuts off medium in pipelines. The disc rotates with axis inside body to open or close valve. For a long time, high requirements for butterfly valve always exist in market.
Pneumatic flange butterfly is a one of the most important products. In recent years, with the highly development of valve industry in China, the technical level of pneumatic flange butterfly valve is highly improved, so as the output. However, pneumatic flange butterfly valve has less competiveness for its low technical content. Pneumatic flange butterfly valve is concentrated in small scale manufacturers lacking of say in global market. Other high-end products are facing with the same fact.
Otherwise, in current butterfly valve market, only can low pressure butterfly made in China reach to international advanced level. High pressure butterfly valve still needs to be imported. Technology has become bottleneck to limit the development of China's valve industry. Although most of valve products have realized nationalization, China's valve manufacturers can only manufacturer low-end products. Width and depth of autonomy need to be improved. For the low level of technique, materials and standards, high-end butterfly valve still depend on import. 
Experts say that for the large gap of technology with developed countries, high-end butterfly valve is manipulated by others. China's valve manufacturers should continue bringing into play the advantages of traditional valve industry. They also should highly develop technology intensive industry, opening up abroad or domestic market to promote upgrade of valve industry.
Sep 23,2016
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