Import and Export of Valve Products in 2015

According to statistics, the growth rate of import and export of valve products in China were respectively increased at rate of 15.5%, 20.5%, 25.5% and 34.5% in the 4 seasons of 2015, showing the trend of steady growth.
It was explained that although suffering from international financial crisis, Chinese economy was still in rapid growth period in 2015. Under such advantageous circumstance, Chinese valve industry received better recovery increasing.
In 2015, import and export volume of Chinese valve industry was 15.212 billion dollars, growing by 11.85%, compared with 2013. Among that, import volume was 3.062 billion dollars, growing by 5.88% on year-on-year basis; export volume was 3.195 billion dollars, growing by 21.11%. It was the first time that Chinese valve industry realizes the proportion of foreign trade and export growth rate exceeds the growth rate of the whole industry.
According to the categories, copper valve still had the highest import and export volume. The volume of import and export accounted for 60.74% and 70.96% respectively. Medium and high pressure valve had the second highest volume. The volume of import and export accounted for 35.17% and 25.90%.
In terms of price, total weight and amount of import and export from every region provided by customs, in 2015, the average price of exported high pressure valve was 9,800 dollars per ton, increasing by 8.08%, compared with the last year; the average import price was 19,467 dollars per ton, increasing by 16.5%; the ratio of average unit price between import and export was 1.90:1.
Under the situation that the prices of valve commonly fell, unit price of import and export grew significantly, showing that technical content of imported and exported valves was highly improved. Meanwhile, the average price of exported copper valve in China fell greatly. Most of exported copper valve were small valve, having lower technical content and additional value, falling behind than imported valve. That should be noticed.
Another issue should be noticed is that competiveness of Japanese valve products grew significantly. In 2015, China imported valve products from Japan by 943 million dollars, increasing by 42.43%, compared with 498 million dollars in 2014. Meanwhile, it was also higher than the growth rate of total imported valve by 39.45%.
In aspect of provinces and cities, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shanghai had the highest import volume. The followings were Tianjin, Shandong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Fujian and Hubei. Exported valves mainly came from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Yuyao and Yuhuan. Shanghai, Shandong, Fujian, Tianjin, Liaoning, Beijing and Jilin followed.
In terms of export destination, the main export markets of Chinese valves were Hongkong, the U.S., Japan, Taiwan. The followings were India, Germany, Taiwan, Thailand, France, Vietnam and Britain.
In aspect of import source, imported valves mainly came from Japan, the U.S., Taiwan, then, Germany, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and Denmark.
It is estimated that popularity rate of nationwide valves and imported valves will grow by 30%~50%, compared with 2015. Market share of valves will exceed than 50%, which highly increasing demands for valve. The application of valves is underestimated. Experts predict that large, precise, intelligent valve with rational design will be welcomed in fluid control system.
Import and Export of Valve Products in 2015
Sep 23,2016
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