Valve Manufacturers Should Improve R & D Ability

Low technical content and poor quality are existing in Chinese valve industry. Although low pressure valve can meet the requirements on international market, technical level of high pressure valve falls behind which still depends on import. So, high pressure valve manufacturers should improve their R & D ability, improving technical content and quality of products constantly. 

In terms of industrial structure, industry chain of valve industry and degree of specialization in industry, Chinese valve industry has great gap with foreign enterprise. Reasons causing low quality of Chinese valve products are: due to market rapidly expanding, original state-owned valve manufacturers were shut down; although a group of township enterprise developed quickly, they had low origin and poor technology; the equipment was simple and most of products are manufactured by simulation, especially low pressure valve used for drainage. 
But, above problems have no influence on the future prospect of Chinese valve industry, which mainly benefits from support of national policies and strong demands on valve market. Especially, the operation of West-East Gas Pipeline Project, West-East Electricity Transmission Project and South-to-North Water Diversion Project requires large numbers of matched valve products. 

Meanwhile, china is also facing with the coming of industrialization. Petrochemical industry, power industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and other valve users will strengthen demands for valve products. For example, in the 13th Five Year Plan, predict for demands of power industry for valve products used for medium or large coal power set will be: total demand quantity of valve 153 thousand tons and annual demand quantity 30.6 thousand tons; total demand value of valve products 3.96 billion RMB and annual demand value 792 million RMB.
In the aspect of products, Chinese valve industry has already been able to manufacture more than ten categories of valve products, including gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle valve, plug valve, reducing valve, diaphragm valve, drain valve and emergency cut-off valve. The highest operating temperature reach 570℃ and the lowest operating temperature is -196℃; the highest pressure is 600MPa and the largest diameter is 5350mm. what’s more, according to statics of relative departments, volume of business on Chinese valve market is as high as about 50 billion RMB per year, among that more than 10 billion RMB of market shares were taken by foreign valve manufacturers. Valve is indispensable fluid control equipment used in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, long distance transport pipes, ship building, nuclear industry, cryogenic engineering, astronavigation, offshore oil production and other national economies. Having been developed for several years, the quantity of Chinese valve manufacturers is the first in the world. There are more than 6,000 valve manufacturers and there are 900 manufacturers whose annual value of production exceeds 5 million RMB.
Besides, China is gradually becoming the largest processing plants around the world. Processing and manufacturing of valve products are facing with larger development space. So, only enterprises can hold the opportunity, enhancing R & D ability, constantly increasing technical content and quality of products so that enterprises can play an active role in furious market competition. 
On current Chinese valve market, only low pressure valve can meet the requirements on international market. High pressure valve still needs to be imported. Under the circumstance of optimistic macro economy, production index and sales target of most valve enterprise can maintain their high growth. However, impacted by price war, both sales revenue and profits reduce substantially, compared with the same period of last year. With global economy recovering, import and export of Chinese valve products are also growing. While due to great between Chinese valve manufacturers and foreign valve manufacturers on high-end technology, technology will still be bottleneck restricting Chinese valve products developing.
Valve Manufacturers Should Improve R & D Ability
Sep 23,2016
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