Innovation, the Future Trend for Pneumatic Control Valve

Pneumatic control valve plays a vital role in automatic control system of modern factory. The competition is quite intense in pneumatic valve industry in China. The future development trend of pneumatic control vale is emphasis concerned by enterprises and customers.

At present, pneumatic control valve manufacturers should insist on innovation, carrying out structural adjustment on products, modifying conventional products and entering into the field of high-end valve products. It requires that large scale enterprises should lead the industry, trying effort to fight for one third of valve products which are purchased from abroad at present. Highly improve industrial level and competitive force of pneumatic control valve in China. For small enterprises, specialized production is necessary. Focus on quality, trying effort to improve management and perfect technology, enhancing quality, grade and competitive force of products.

Electric control valve uses electricity as drive energy, which is convenient and reliable, having sufficient resources. Pneumatic control valve is limited in every aspect. Pneumatic control valve uses air sources, so the installation is more complex, compared with electric control valve. Experts point out that although electric control valve has significant advantages, pneumatic control valve still has strong competitive force on market and it will not be eliminated within one hundred years. Besides, pneumatic control valve still has large space for improvement on materials and performance. Particularly, focus on development, sensitivity, valve installation, high efficiency and energy conservation, truly making pneumatic actuator of control exert maximum productivity effect and level. Every pneumatic control valve manufacturer is expected to improve pneumatic control valve under the research of innovative team. The design on product should advance constantly.

To become a manufacturer having powerful vitality, all of manufacturers cannot be lack of constant. So innovation capacity will decide competitive force, efficiency and benefit of enterprises at last, thus improving industrial quality and image of valve overall.

Features of pneumatic control valve:
A. Pneumatic control valve has a quarter turning structure which matches with vale positioned and realize proportional control. V shape core is the most suitable for different adjusting occasion, having large rated flow coefficient, large adjustable ratio, good sealing, sensitive regulation performance, small volume. It can be installed vertically or horizontally. Pneumatic control valve is suitable for controlling gas, steam, liquid and other media.
B. Pneumatic control valve consists of V shape core, pneumatic actuator, positioned and other accessories. The valve adopts duplex bearing structure, having small break-out torque, excellent good sensitivity and induction rate, powerful shearing performance.
C. Pneumatic piston actuator uses compressed air as power source. Motion of piston drives crank arm to rotate in quarter, to realize automatic on-off of valve. Constituent parts of pneumatic piston actuator include adjustable bolt, tank of actuator, crank arm, cylinder block, cylinder shaft, piston, connecting rod and cardan shaft.
D. Pneumatic control valve consists of actuator and control valve. The actuator is thrust part. It generates relevant thrust based on pressure of control signal, to drive control valve to move. The body is control part of pneumatic control valve. It directly contacts with media, regulating flow rate of fluid.
Innovation, the Future Trend for Pneumatic Control Valve 
Sep 23,2016
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