Quality of Valves is the Key to Size Rubber Joint Market

At present, about 10% of rubber joint market in China is occupied by foreign enterprises. Chinese experts consider that to change the current situation, improving the quality of valves is the key.
Valves have high proportion in all of mechanical products. According to statistics of developed countries, output value of valves is summation of compressor, draught fan and pump, accounting for 5% of the value of mechanical industry. Meanwhile, as important constituent part for important technical equipment, valves especially play key role in water supply and drainage system in power, petrochemistry, metallurgy and city, and have high usage. 
To size the market, the quality is priority. Experts consider that valves having rubber joint manufactured by Chinese enterprises commonly have problems, including outleakge, inner leakage, poor appearance quality, short service life, inflexible operation, unreliable electric or pneumatic device. Partial products are only equivalent to international level in the early of 1980’s. So, to develop valve industry, news products having high technical content should be developed. 
Nowadays, China has about 6,000 valve manufacturers. Among that, there are 900 manufacturers whose annual value of production exceeds 5 million RMB and 3 list valve companies. However, those manufacturers cannot compete with foreign valve manufacturers on matters on scale and quality. 
It is analyzed that there are two reasons causing passive Chinese valve market: one is that Chinese valve products still have gap with imported valve products and the quality still needs to be enhanced; the other one is that some consumers have poor consciousness of nationalization, even setting threshold artificially, so that Chinese manufacturers cannot win bidding when competing with foreign enterprises. 
Experts require that Chinese valve industry should energetically adopts international standards or foreign advanced standards, strictly implementing current national standards and reforming current products, so that updated products reach the international standards in 1990’s. Meanwhile, valve industry should take effective measures on raw materials choosing, casting technique, forging technique and heat treatment of forging-casting parts, improving the inherent quality and appearance quality of workblank to international standards.
With information highly development, informatization and intellectualization are constantly changing people’s social lives. As the end actuator for controlling fluid motion inside pipes, if the valves are combined with modern computer technology, sensor technology, network technology, remote control technology and intellectual technology, the valve will be given with the new concept, producing new structure and working mechanism different from original products, realizing the true updating. 
When design valve products, materials, structure, mechanical strength, working performance and service life of valves should be taken into consideration. When evaluating the valves, those indicators are also adopted. With age developing and society advancing, the idea of people first has already penetrated into social lives.
Throughout Chinese valve market, valve industry has extensive development space. Based on prediction of experts, the future rubber joint market mainly concentrates on power, petrochemistry, fertilizer, environmental protection and urban construction. Experts insist that only manufacturers having good technology, high quality and ability for constantly developing new products, can win the competition on rubber joint market.
Quality of Valves is the Key to Size Rubber Joint Market
Sep 23,2016
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